Meet the Team- Lauren

My name is Lauren, and I will be flying to Vietnam one week from today!  I am going with Kaeleigh, Jane, and Elissa, and am really looking forward to getting to know them even more over the next month.

Honestly, I don’t feel ready to go, but I know that God is preparing me even though I don’t see how at this moment.  I am excited to see how God has been preparing me and how He is going to use my life experiences during this trip.

A little about me:  My hometown is Tacoma, WA, and I have lived here my whole life.  When I am not going to school at SPU, I live at home with my younger brother Bryce, and my mom and my dad.  I also have a sister who lives with her husband in Louisiana.  I just completed my sophomore year of college, and am studying Integrated Studies, with a focus in math, which will prepare me to teach K-8.  I hope to teach middle school math, but God of course may have something completely different for me.  After I graduate from SPU in 2014, I want to use my teaching skills to serve overseas as a longterm missionary.  Of course, God can change this plan of mine too!


Thank you much for all of your support, and prayers especially are appreciated!

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One thought on “Meet the Team- Lauren

  1. Elissa

    I just realized that all three of our descriptions say we want to teach overseas in the future! Coincidence for us to be placed together? I think not!

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