Change of Plans

So a lot has changed in the past 18 hours. Kaeleigh is no longer able to go with us because of health problems. We are very sad, but are glad she is doing what is best for her health.

We also just found out that there were some mix ups with the airlines, and instead of leaving Wednesday at 2am, we will be leaving Tuesday morning at 8:46am. We will fly to San Francisco, then to Hong Kong, then to Ho Chi Minh City where we will spend the night. We will fly the next morning to Danang– our final destination.

Also, instead of returning to SeaTac on July 18th, we will now arrive July 19th.

Please pray for last minute things we need to do, and that all will go smoothly from here on out. Praise God, because of this change, Kaeleigh will be given a full refund for her plane ticket!

Thank you all for your support! More updates to come.

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2 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Prayers are happening. These last-minute changes, hectic and emotional as they are, may just be the perfect preparation for the girls’ hearts and minds to be open to anything during their time in Danang.

  2. DeLynn Asberg

    A perfect reminder that God IS in control! While it feels hectic on this end, there are no surprises for God!

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