Places, People, and Prayer

In the four days that we have been here, we have had the opportunity to go to amazing places, meet wonderful people, and collect prayer requests that can be shared with all of you.

For starters, as Lauren mentioned, yesterday we went to church and lunch with our host and his family and then joined them for an afternoon at the beach. At the home of our host, we were able to see that families by land and then build houses for each family in the same area. The parents and siblings of our host all share a plot of land that has been in their family for over 100 years. Spending time with Hai and his family made us definitely feel like we are part of their family here in Vietnam. The Danang Beach is ranked one of the top 10 beaches in the world by Forbes Magazine. While there, we were able to play with Hai’s kids, as well as join in on a game that transfers internationally… frisbee! We started with just us and the kids, but were joined by Vietnamese locals that we didn’t even know. We also noticed that at any given point we can look around and see at least one person staring at us. One of Hai’s kids even asked if we were white from staying inside too much!

Today, we had the opportunity to teach at an orphanage… our first time teaching in Vietnam. We worked with children ages 4 – 18 and tought them greetings and emotions. We were also able to teach them songs and games, such as Quack Didilly Oh So, Boom Chick A Boom, and the Barney song, “I Love You”. In just a few minutes, we will be heading back to F1 (the older of the two Fisher Superkids Centers) to teach a class of new students who may be interested in joining the center.

All of the staff at the children’s center are such amazing people! They are always offering to take us places, call our taxi, and constantly make sure we are not going hungry. With as much as they do for us, we are trying to come up with ways that we can do more for them. The majority of the staff is not Christian, so we have decided to start out slow by writing them letters of encouragement with Bible versus. Please pray for these amazing people, as well as all of the students we will be interacting with. One of the staff is pregnant with a baby girl that is due in October. This particular woman became a Christian about a year ago, but shied away when receiving negative reactions from family and threats to her brother’s job. Please pray for us as we try to be a glimmer of hope in her life in order to encourage her that God can overcome anything!

Thanks again for following our blog and all of the prayer!

❤ Elissa

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4 thoughts on “Places, People, and Prayer

  1. Katie Washington

    I’m Lauren’s supervisor at SPU. Just wanted to let you girls know that I’m thinking of you and praying for all of you. So glad that things are going well. Many blessings- Katie.

  2. Paul asberg

    wow ! what an experience and opportunity you are having. So excited for all of you. Paul Asberg, Laurens dad

  3. David

    Elissa’s mom and dad pray that your group will be remembered by all who interact with you. May your love and compassion, smiles and laughing bring joy to those around you. Amazing how God can take a simple “Boom Chick a Boom” and change a young Vietnamese life forever.

  4. This is really exciting. We will be praying for you tonight at Ekklesia!

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