Update From Elissa

Hey everybody!

Today was the second “Unforgettable Summer Day” with Fisher’s Superkids. We were able to teach some English, songs such as “Lean On Me”, golf, and baseball. The day was split into two sessions with a two hour break in between for students to go home, eat lunch, take a nap, and change for the park if needed. We ended up only having six students return for the afternoon session, but it was a good chance to extra time with the ones that did come back. It was really fun until the sky turned dark and it began to rain. At this point, we ended up piling six children, five adults, and all of our supplies for the day into one taxi! We came back to Fisher’s Superkids for the rest of the time for the camp, and all of the kids are playing on the computers… including your’s truly and the other two members of my team 😉 I am simultaneously writing this post and playing an English game against one of the little boys from today. He is even showing me all of the answers before I get a chance to read the question! I wonder who will win 🙂 

Now for an update on a more personal matter. I came into this trip saying that I didn’t have any expectations because I knew God would do something completely different than what I was expecting. I had been feeling discouraged the last couple of days because I couldn’t see how God was working on this trip. However, yesterday He showed me that I did come into this trip with expectations. I was expecting to leave with a perfect relationship with God and all of the answers to what I will do with my life after graduating next year. I had never consciously admitted those expectations, but was still waiting for them to happen. In the end, I was right… God did do something completely different than I was expecting! He is revealing things that I need to change in order to better reflect Him to those around me.

We have finally had the chance to start writing encouragement letters to the people we have been working with, which has also been encouraging to me!

Yesterday was the half way point in our trip, so I am going to ask that you would all pray for our continued safety and good health, as well as getting plenty of rest!

With love,


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One thought on “Update From Elissa

  1. Drop your expectations of yourself and others, Anticipate God and He will astound you! I’m glad you are enjoying all the learning. I’m asking God to bless you with his peace and presence and the awesome understanding that anything he wants to do in and through you He can do even without you!

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