Teachers Learn Too

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the lack of updates on this end.

Today we woke up at the ugly hour of 4:45 AM, but got to the beach by 5 to watch the sunrise.  I posted a picture earlier today.  It was gorgeous and it was worth the little sleep, however, I don’t think we can afford to do that again.

Tomorrow we are teaching a class of high schoolers for 3 hours.  These are the oldest kids we will have taught, and it will be for the longest time, so it might be a challenge to fill up the time, but we are teaching them the most important subject… food!  I am quite passionate about eating, so it will be fun, but I will be very hungry by the end of it.

Now for the meat of the update.  I came into this trip hoping for two things.  I wanted to experience God in a unique way, and even more I wanted to have a lasting/eternal impact on the city of Danang.

The first day in Vietnam, I found out that the church our host goes to was started by missionaries from the CMA (Christian and Missionary Alliance), the same denomination I am a part of at home.  I had researched the CMA’s current involvement in Vietnam, and didn’t find any missionaries in the country.  When I heard this about the church here, I got chills, and knew it was confirmation from God that I was where he wanted me to be.  Although missionaries from the CMA are not in the city of Danang currently, their influence is still here 101 years later.  This excites me, and makes me feel a bit more at home in the city.

I have a lot more to say, and don’t think I exactly explained my point of writing, but I am in need of some serious shut-eye.  If you’ll excuse me, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you much,

Lauren Marie


P.S.  I would like to request prayer for Jane, Elissa, and me as we finish up our time here in Vietnam.  We are all at different places in life right now, but I know we all are praying that God will allow a smooth transition into life back in the states.  I have had many experiences where I go on a retreat or a missions trip and come back “on fire for God”, but the passion soon dies out and I settle back into my life as it was before I left.  I am determined that this time will not end like that, and I am trying to prepare myself for coming home.  However, I have already seen that as hard as I try and want it to happen, my hopes will not make it happen, only God can. Thank you again, I treasure your prayers.

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4 thoughts on “Teachers Learn Too

  1. spuperkinscenter

    Here is an article link about the CMA in Vietnam. Pretty cool!

  2. Beverly

    I know how you feel about being so fired up for God then losing steam when you get home. Try to write down some things you experience while you’re there that you can look back on to get a renewed spark once you’re home. Praying for you all!

  3. Grace

    I love you & am praying for you sweet Lauren.

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